Argyle ISD Needs Your Help

Throughout the 88th legislative session in Texas, and again in four special sessions, our leaders have failed to agree on legislation that would fully fund Texas public schools. We need action and we need it now. Please join us in asking Governor Abbott to call a fifth special session in order to prioritize public education funding!


  • Argyle ISD is one of few districts in the state that has received the Formula Transition Grant since 2019 and faces a significant funding cliff beginning with the 2024-25 fiscal year when FTG expires, 

  • Argyle ISD is still subject to losing approximately $250,000  via the Robin Hood formula of “recapture,”

  • And there has been NO CHANGE to the basic allotment despite 40-year record inflation.

Ask Governor Abbott below to call a fifth special session so our representatives can pass legislation that gets funds to public schools where they are desperately needed!

Academic Points of Pride


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To The Honorable Governor Abbott,

As a community member in Argyle ISD, I am concerned about the insufficient state funding formula that has not been changed in four years, despite 40 year record inflation. Our high-performing district is at risk of significant funding reductions which could impact AISD’s ability to appropriately plan for growth, as well as adequately offer award-winning programs and innovative student opportunities.

Additionally, we lose nearly a quarter of a million dollars per year to recapture and receive a great deal of funding from an expiring state Formula Transition Grant.

School districts in Texas need help and we are imploring you to call a fifth special session in order for our representatives to:

  • Increase the basic allotment to match inflation

  • Provide funding for teacher raises

  • Extend the Formula Transition Grant

  • Reform recapture.

Without meaningful change, AISD cannot maintain current operations or educational opportunities, nor adequately prepare for student growth.

We appreciate your support for Texas schools and teachers and we thank you for your leadership in the great state of Texas.


[your name]

We are facing a challenging financial situation due to circumstances out of our control such as an insufficient state funding formula, record inflation, an expiring Formula Transition Grant, and a "recapture" formula that diverts AISD funds to other districts. There are SOLUTIONS - but we need your help! 

  • 74% of Argyle HS students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses score at least a 3 or higher on the exam, earning college credit
  • SAT/ACT averages exceed regional, state, and national average
    • SAT - 1157
    • ACT - 24
  • Started SAT Boot Camp this year - over 80 students signed up
  • Will host SAT School Day Opportunity this year
  • 5 National Merit Semi-Finalists in 2022-23 - record
  • 2 National Merit Semi-Finalists in 2023-24
  • 57 AHS Students - National Recognition College Board

Extracurricular Points of Pride

  • 13-time Lone Star Cup Champions (Academics, Fine Arts, & Athletics)
  • 19 Texas Math & Science Coaches Association State Championships
  • 16 UIL Academic Team State Championships
  • Currently state-ranked in Volleyball, Tennis, and Football
  • 8 Different Sports with 25 total State Championships
  • 8-time Marching Band State Champions - record for most state championships won of any marching band in Texas, regardless of classification
  • Full production theater classes, 7-12th grades

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